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Graig Agop
Graig Agop has been trying to find the doors to exit the Glendale Community
College campus since spring 2005. Rumor has it that he is getting close. This self-
proclaimed “Entertainment Terrorist” is a Communications major with a plan. Graig’s
contributions to El Vaquero and Insider Magazine have earned him eleven awards for
his work in Journalism at The Journalism Association of Community Colleges Southern California and state conferences.

Graig is aspiring comedic screenwriter with a passion for African-Americans and Chinese food. In 2010 Graig co-created Idol Magazine (Idolmagazineonline.com), Which featured a staff consisting from past and current El Vaquero staff members. Idol Magazine has been recognized and awarded for it’s questionably tasteless content and innovative design and is yet to be sued.

Graig also co-wrote His first screenplay Black Magic (BlackMagicMovie.com), A
comedy that follows Colin Laferty and his “Black Magic” Tabooky Tabucky Green III as they jump through different hurdles to avoid getting stuck in community college. Graig plans to shoot a short adaptation of this project with his brother and co-writer Hovsep this summer. Graig would like to apologize to all the professors who had the fortunate misfortune of having him in their class and would like me to tell you he never forgets anything.

Graig Agop, Columnist

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Graig Agop