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GCC’s Food Pantry Re-Opens for Contactless Pickup
Eian Gil, Co-Editor-In-Chief • October 13, 2020

GCC’s Food For Thought Pantry has recently announced that they are once again open for students who need food, now offering optional hygienic kits and contactless pickup. Students are encouraged to take...

GCC Students to Receive Refunds for Purchase of Parking Permits
Eian Gil, Co-Editor-In-Chief • October 5, 2020

In his last letter to students on Oct. 2, Dr. David Viar spoke on a wide assortment of issues relevant to GCC students and offered updates on new resources at the college, including the option of obtaining...

Photo By: Eian Gil
GCC Confirms Remote Learning Through June 2021
Eian Gil and Victoria Bochniak September 11, 2020

       Dr. David Viar, president of GCC,  announced via emailed newsletter the college’s decision to further postpone in-person classes and continue with remote learning until...

GCC Athletics vs. Covid-19
Major League Soccer cancels 2020 All-Star Game Scheduled to be Hosted in Los Angeles
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Accommodating the Pandemic
GCC Athletics vs. Covid-19
Sleeping Under the Stars (Update: Editor’s Note)
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