Santogold is Golden

Graig Agop

New wave savior and innovative pop-star Santogold was the only star needed to light up Hollywood on June 9, when she celebrated the release of her highly acclaimed self-titled debut album with an eight song set and CD signing at Hollywood & Highland’s Central Courtyard along with hundreds of fans.

When sponsors radio station Indie 103.1 and Virgin Megastore said the concert will would start at 6 p.m., they meant it.

Equipped with two of the most bizarre back-up dancers dressed in black and white, and a DJ, the electro-hipster made her way to stage in a baggy neon yellow shirt, checkered pants, and sunglasses. She threw up her arms, and got down to business in her first Los Angeles performance since the release.

Thirty-two-year-old Santogold , aka Santi White, began her set with “You’ll Find A Way,” which paved the way for her striking 40-minute set. Next she effortlessly belted out her single “L.E.S Artistes” flawlessly. With bold and astonishing vocals, Santo gave tourists more then there ideal concert performance.

White then followed a more mature tone with “Unstoppable,” “Shove It” and “Anne,” all different vocal and music styles, yet all stellar and unpredictable. She then asked fans to dance to the upbeat “Say Aha,” before toning it down with “Starstruck.” Santi ended it big with fan favorite “Creator.”

Santogold was free, energetic and nothing short of brilliant; while the abstract dancers stayed in character with their subtle, odd, simple, yet powerful choreography. Songs like “You’ll Find A Way,” “L.E.S. Artistes,” “Shove It,” and “Creator” showcase the diverse and strong 80s flair thatshe showcases.

White, a Brooklyn native, started as a A&R representative for Sony and Epic Records, turned songwriter and producer, then turned singer. Her double-major in music and African-American studies is clearly the reason for the depth in her songs, both in the lyrics and the layers in the music itself.

Acclaim from today’s most respectable music magazines (Rolling Stone, Spin) created the platform needed for Santogold to separate herself form the typical crowd and shine.

For Santogold the future is now. She will tour with Coldplay this summer and fall for most of their North American tour dates. Her songs are even being played in nightclubs in Afghanistan and Beirut. Santogold is hope for pop music. She truly is unstoppable, and her future is golden.

The Set List:
You’ll Find A Way
L.E.S. Artistes
Shove It
Say Aha