2018-2019 Staff

Kevin Perez

Staff Writer

Katrina Bulay

Staff Writer

Rudy Guijarro

Staff Writer

Christopher Daniels

Production Assistant

Alexander Sampson

Staff Photographer

Allison Ayala

Staff Writer

Matthew Spencer

Production Assistant

James Ojano-Simonsson

Staff Writer

James Ojano-Simonsson is an international student from Sweden, majoring in Film and Marine Biology. He wants to highlight and document environmental issues, but also campus events and activities.

Chieko Kubo

Staff Writer

Chieko Kubo is an international student from Japan. This is second semester in GCC, and her major is Journalism. She likes to take short-trip in Japan, so people should ask something about Japan if they have a plan of traveling...

Belinda Oldrati

Production Editor

Belinda Oldrati is an international student from Sweden, and one of the Production Editors of El Vaquero newspaper. She studies Journalism, TV Production, and Photography to hopefully work in the field in the near future. Action...

Adriana Garcia

Entertainment Editor

Adriana was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She wrote for her high school newspaper, The Poly Optimist, focusing mostly on film reviews and entertainment. She pursued that interest in college, and is therefore majoring...

Jasmine Amabile

Staff Writer

I am a 22 year old Los Angeles native. A full time college student in my junior year in majoring in Public Relations, Journalism. My passion for writing has stemmed from learning to write poems in the third grade, and I continued...

Carmen Fernandez

Staff Photographer

Hayk Rostomyan

Production Editor

Hayk Rostomyan is a prominent feature and op-ed writer for the El Vaquero Newspaper. Ladies, he’s single.

Marian Sahakyan

Managing Editor

Growing up in a big family of journalists and writers, Marian developed her love for writing and reporting since early childhood. When she was 8, she wrote poems for the school magazine, with time the poems turned into short stories...

Carolina Diaz

Web Editor

Carolina Diaz has been attending Glendale Community College since 2015. One of her goals is to transfer to a 4-year university. Her passion is writing and photography. Her passion for writing started when she was in middle school...

Ken Allard


Ken Allard is a Los Angeles native and is in his fourth year at Glendale Community College. He enjoys covering hard news, politics, feature stories, sports, and writing Op-Eds. You can usually find him around campus taking photos...

Elena Jacobson

Production Assistant

Elena Jacobson is in her 2nd year at Glendale Community College.She has moved around all of Southern California, but loves Glendale the best. She loves to write both fiction and nonfiction, she joined the newspaper to explore...