Juanita’s Love Trial

The GCC theater has recently made their  debut of the play “Juanita’s Statue” written by  Anne-Garcia Romeo.  She made it a goal to portray an innocent love conflict piece and succeeded in doing just that. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, GCC is only offering to view the school’s theater productions online Mrs. Perez, a high school journalism teacher and head of the FTL school paper explained that this play was “very inclusive, humorous, and contemporary.” She went on to state that Juanita’s Statue was “the first play she had ever seen that could be enjoyed by any party or group of people in our current society.” A classic twist on  “Romeo and Juliet”  with a touch of  21st century love. A spiral of passion, love, dishonor, and lies, this play lived up to all the hype of being GCCs first production of the year after COVID. 

“Juanita’s Statue” is GCC’s rendition on a love story gone sour. This story starts off with  Ignacio and Juanita  madly in love and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.However, Ignacio’s father insists that this match is  horrible for the “families’ honor” and demands that he wed Beatrice because she is a more suitable companion for the face of the family. Juanita can’t steer away from the truth any longer and  crashes Ignacio’s wedding with her pretend partner. The story continues to unravel from that moment and in the end, Juanita ends up confiding in her statue that gave her the power of making people adore her. Hence, where the name of the play comes from. Ignacio loved Juanita from the beginning and only tried to respect his family’s wishes. Was Ignacio’s love genuine or was he under a love spell that the statue blessed Juanita with? The world may never know. 

“Juanita’s Statue” ended its run on Dec. 5 and is no longer being performed by the theater department. For a look at future productions by the GCC theater department, check out the link below. You can also use the same link to contact the Theatre Arts staff if you are interested in performing. 


Alexandra Soto can be reached at [email protected]