How Will the United States Look Under a Biden Administration?

The United States has a long history, with 45 presidents having occupied the Oval Office and one by one instituting their policies and agendas. As citizens, we decide who we elect as leaders of our communities, districts, states, and country, but sometimes electing one party whom people don’t agree with causes uncertainty and chaos. This prompts the new leader to calm the uncertainty of  the public by working to solve the underlying issues already impacting the nation and uniting the country as a whole. 


It has been one week since the 2020 presidential election, and in that time, so much has happened across the nation, from former vice-president Joseph R. Biden being declared president-elect, to claims of voter fraud, and lastly, mass protests urging President Donald Trump to concede the election so that a proper transition period can begin. Supporters of both parties, Republican and Democratic, claim their side of the election is the official outcome. While Biden has been declared president-elect, Trump is still fighting the results in several states, citing reports coming from news outlets and poll workers themselves, claiming ballots were counted past poll closings, and even reports of deceased voters’ names being added to the total as well. Some claims are too wild to accept and at the same time are difficult to confirm as well, since Trump was leading in many key states until Biden surpassed in votes after counting was resumed.


 If Joe Biden does in fact take the oath on Jan. 20, 2021, his presidency will be up to the task of rebuilding a fractured nation that is dealing with many obstacles; from a pandemic, to working with the opposing Republican party who might keep the Senate in their power and attempt to pose as a blockade to any agenda or bill the new administration tries to pass.


An incumbent hadn’t lost since Bush Sr. in 1992, and an incoming administration usually works to avoid making the same mistakes as their predecessor and typically deviates from imposing similar bills and regulations. In 4 years time, we will look back and see how far we’ve come and decide whether to continue with the sitting president or elect a new one. As Americans, we must recognize that politicians aren’t always perfect and make mistakes. Those in charge of making decisions that impact our daily lives are themselves impacted by the government, so even though we may disagree and often blame one side, it is best to understand that sometimes change is needed for the better and for the citizens that elect those in power.


Emil Arakelyan can be reached at: [email protected]