GCC & El Vaquero Welcomes Students Back for The Fall Semester

Remote learning to continue as students and teachers adjust

       This fall semester El Vaquero and its new staff would like to welcome back all students for a new semester full of new challenges that we will all face collectively. 

       Teachers and students alike have been affected greatly by coronavirus, more so than any of us here at El Vaq could have imagined when we first began reporting on the pandemic’s spread. 

       Thanks to the direct efforts of GCC’s wonderful staff of experienced teachers and counselors alike, major changes have been made in the approach taken towards remote learning which is now as streamlined as ever. COVID-19 has forced us all online, impacted our communities and tested our resilience. Now more than ever is a time for solidarity and empathy. Our mission is to bring the college community thoughtful and engaging news and commentary on contemporary issues, while also displaying the campus’s creative side through arts and otherwise. 

       This year, we hope El Vaq can continue to be a place to reflect on and shape GCC culture as well as facilitate discussions on relevant topics. The newly updated GCC website is full of resources to accommodate those of us who may not yet be fully accustomed to this new landscape of learning, and can be found here.We will work hard to update our website regularly and encourage you to follow us on social media to keep informed of recent content.

       As your new editors-in-chief, we are elated to be furthering the mission of El Vaquero as an independent, student-run publication and to hear your stories. We are inspired by the voices of the students on our campus and encourage you to reach out to us if you see, hear or experience something we should report about. Most importantly, stay safe and healthy during this time. We wish you all great academic success, despite our unique situation.


Eian Gil can be reached at [email protected]u. 

Victoria Bochniak can be reached at [email protected].