GCC Study Abroad Opportunities

GCC’s study abroad program is back with opportunities to go all over the world, including Armenia, Bali, and Italy. COVID-19 put a stop to many things, and the study abroad program was no stranger to the sudden halt of operations.

“GCC recognizes the value of global awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity that studying abroad offers,” Darren Leaver, the Study Abroad coordinator shared in a written interview when asked about the importance of the program. “GCC and the GCC Foundation have been committed to supporting these unique and valuable opportunities by making them affordable to our diverse student population.”

Study abroad is a unique experience that allows students to pursue their college studies in a foreign country that they have ideally always wanted to visit, according to the program. A student is able to go to said country and immerse themselves in another culture for the semester, while still being able to complete their college goals, Leaver said. The things you can learn from living in these places for extended periods of time are priceless. An article by CIEE shared, “Studies show 97% of students who study abroad find employment within 12 months of graduation and 25% earn higher salaries than peers.” Not only do you learn so much about the culture, but the language as well; learning a new language is so much easier when you are forced to use it to communicate. Students are also given the opportunity to volunteer to give back to the communities of the places they visit, which is another of the many rewarding experiences students are exposed to in this program. It allows students to cultivate once in a lifetime relationships and experiences. The article further shared, “[…]you’ll form strong connections with your community abroad as you live and learn in a new city together every day both in and out of the classroom.”

“The main way GCC helps students afford these programs is by designing affordable programs from the get-go,” said Leaver when asked about the financial assistance provided for students. “Rather than use travel agencies, where possible the study abroad office organizes the student accommodations, activities and classroom space directly with foreign universities such as Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, Oxford University in England and the University of Bologna in Italy.” 

“The cut-off date for our study abroad programs is either two months before departure or  whenever the program fills,” said Leaver. The Summer 2024 program will be taking students to Spain and England. 

If you would like more information or have additional questions, Professor Leaver can be contacted directly at [email protected].,  

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