GCC’s Armenian Engineers & Scientists of America Club Sets Ambitious Goals for the Semester

El Vaquero News recently interviewed the Armenian Engineers & Scientists of America (AESA) Club president at Glendale Community College (GCC) about their goals for the semester. The president discussed aligning AESA GCC’s objectives with the national AESA organization, growing membership, guiding members through volunteering and internships, and upcoming events such as guest speaker sessions and the “prototype project.” “Teams will work together to solve a challenge presented… a product which will solve the problem at hand.”

The president, Eli Asadoorian, is in his final semester at GCC, majoring in either aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering, depending on where they transfer. This semester, the club aims to grow its membership and guide members in gaining experience through initiatives that support Armenia, Artsakh, and diasporan communities. To achieve this goal, Asadoorian wants to create a network of students, industry professionals, and professors, benefiting from the exchange of knowledge and supporting Armenia’s continued statehood through technological advancement and STEM based projects.”We believe in the power of unity and the exchange of expertise, and we’re committed to fostering a strong network that will drive positive change for Armenia and its people, both at home and across the globe.”

Beyond creating networks for fellow members, AESA also plans to host several events, including guest speaker sessions featuring industry professionals and academic professors. If there is enough interest, the club will also launch a “prototype project,” where AESA members will form teams based on their personal and professional interests to solve a challenge presented by AESA GCC. By the end of the semester, each team will complete a proposal for a prototype product addressing the given problem. 

The president has been committed to helping Armenia for many years, but only during the second Artsakh War did they realize the importance of being part of making a difference. They believe that AESA contributes to global efforts to support a strong and safe Armenia, and they are dedicated to growing the organization and its impact.

To join AESA GCC, interested students and professors can visit the club’s Instagram page and follow the link in the bio to sign up for the canvas page. To become an official paying member of the national AESA organization, with access to job listings, committee positions, and a member database, students can visit aesa.org/member-register. AESA welcomes members of all backgrounds and academic interests, emphasizing that everyone can play a role in building a community to strengthen Armenia and achieve AESA’s goals.

Additional information about Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America can be found at: https://www.associatedstudentsgcc.com/clublist/armenian-engineers-scientists-of-america-gcc-chapter

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