Art Exhibit Feature Fiber and Elasticity

For years the art gallery has created intrigue and curiosity for  many visitors. The gallery, located next to the library,  has now become a teaching ground for contemporary art.
The GCC art gallery focuses on diversity. The previous exhibition, “Crystal Clear,” focused on sexual assault and domestic abuse. However, the current exhibition, “Elastic Fringe,” focuses on fiber and elasticity. The artist behind it all is Tina Linville, who teaches art, sculpture singular, sculpture  and installation at Cal State Long Beach.
Over the past few years, the focal point of art has shifted from personal identity to social networks. Fiber represents how people intertwine and relate. On the other hand, elasticity represents world experiences of each individual. It also illustrates pushing the limits, but always coming back to normal. It comes back to what people expect to see or feel.
“Both fiber and elasticity are metaphors for human relationships,” said David Attyah, the director of the gallery. This is how individuals are involved with individual relationships, if we lead or not. In other words what part do we play in communication with each other. Both fiber and elasticity change the same way relationships differ.
Linville is an artist who encourages the minds of individuals to think and engage in the actual art. A significant quality she depicts in her art are is conundrums. This is crucial because it challenges the audience to dig deep and find the meaning of something. “I make art because I am hard-wired to do it, because I can’t not do it,” Linville said. “I have a deep-rooted impulse to make stuff, an instinct that is mysterious to me.”
She also creates art to match the behavior of society as a whole and as individuals. Her work blurs the line between what is real and what is abstract.
Linville’s sculptures are complex and unique as they open the mind to other ideas. As much as she influenced by abstract art—feminism also impacts and influences her work. “Revolution in the making: Abstract Sculpture by Women
, 1947-2016” is an exhibition at the Los Angeles Gallery, which is one of her current favorite exhibitions.This exhibition displays the way women have changed the path of artwork.
Linville believes that it is an exciting time in Los Angeles to be an artist. “Great art happens here all the time, and some of the most interesting creatives are based here,” she said. On the other hand she thinks that it is difficult for artists today because of lack appreciation by the public.
Linville is an abstract artist who uses human experiences as a source of inspiration.
“Emphasizing the act of being physically present, I work hard to be generous to folks who brave the unknown to engage with my work.”
“Elastic Fringe” can be see from noon to 5 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday. The exhibit runs through Sept. 23.