For The First Time GCC is Hosting a Student Research Symposium

Symposium flyerStudents will have the opportunity to present work they’re proud of at the Student Research Symposium on May 15 from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Sierra Vista 130 in a first-of-a-kind event for Glendale College.

Student participants have leeway in what they will present and their modality. The work needs to be something they’ve researched on or are currently working on at GCC, but it can be an essay, art (print or digital), or any other type of major class assignment. Students may also be creative in which mediums they use to present, such as oral, PowerPoint, essay, photo essay, poster, other visual mediums, and more, organizers explained.

“Students at GCC suggested that they would like more networking opportunities in the past,” said Journalism professor Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr in an email interview. “This event was something that came together largely because of that feedback. With a nod from Sarah McLemore, English division chair, I applied for a Senate Innovation Grant, which will help to pay for a portion of a pilot Student Research Symposium,” explained Cohen. “The idea is to welcome all students of all disciplines to present exemplary work that they have completed or is in progress. We thankfully received the grant, which is amazing, and have gotten support from faculty members Samantha Garagliano and Heather Ramos to help in organizing this ambitious event.” 

In addition to networking opportunities and gaining experience with public speaking, students will also have the chance to win prizes at this event.

“This will be an incredibly welcoming place to get helpful feedback and have a chance to mentor with faculty, community members, and other students at this event,” emphasized Cohen. “The goal of all of this is to support students and build them up, and all of our committee members are available to help guide and mentor you. If you’re in doubt or have questions, please reach out to me at [email protected].”

Accessibility is something that was taken into consideration when creating this event, Cohen said. Students who need accommodations, such as wheelchair accessibility or ASL interpreter, were able to request those things when they filled out the form to present. Lunch is also being provided to participants.

This event is open to all students, including those who aren’t presenting, according to Cohen. “Students who are presenting are welcome to invite their families and friends, and the community is welcome to come listen to students,” she added.

Cohen was asked if the Symposium would be an annual event. “It’s a pilot event, but the hope is that it can continue indefinitely at GCC,” she said. “We are hoping to spread the word and encourage students to participate so that this program continues to grow. We also hope to have more support from faculty and staff.”

The event was put together in record time, said the organizers. “I am thankful to our small Committee for coming together, volunteering their time, and aiming to make it a success. It’s been a true pleasure to work with the group that came together,” shared Cohen.

Supporters of this initial Symposium include the Academic Senate, Guided Pathways, and various programs and divisions that shared information with their students. “It was ambitious to put it together as quickly as we did, but we believe the students deserve this opportunity and we are so glad it came together when it did,” Cohen said.

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