The Insider: Written By Students, For Students

Insider Magazine, published at Glendale Community College, lives up to its name by giving students the scoop on campus life. It aims to showcase student lifestyles, campus resources, and student support services, such as school programs and scholarships that students should know about. 

The Insider magazine is a part of the Journalism Program at GCC. It is published approximately three times a year, according to Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr, a Journalism professor and department head. Their latest publishing was the Spring/Summer 2023 magazine. Dr. Cohen gives credit during the publisher’s note to everyone working hard to put this magazine together. The program’s Division Chair, Lourdes Girardi, supports publishing the magazine and the students make the magazine possible through their writing. 

Dr. Cohen is an Associate Professor in the Language Arts Division, which oversees the Journalism Department. She explained that she teaches several journalism classes throughout the semester and that makes content for the magazine possible. This project came together based on the student’s writing she came across throughout the Spring semester. Dr. Cohen typically put together the magazine using student articles that were “GCC-centric and ‘evergreen.’” Evergreen articles have a longer relevance and don’t lose news value, she explained She stated that the making of the magazine happens over intersessions and breaks “because the semester can be so busy.” Sometimes students are given the opportunity to help make the magazine “depending on the timing of it.”

The Journalism Program is critical at GCC because “it allows students to be exposed to writing, design, and photography in the journalism realm.” Dr. Cohen stated that it teaches students the concrete skills needed in a workplace and gives them the technical skills employers are looking for. Dr. Cohen hopes to continue producing “excellent publications, as it helps get the word out on campus about my program and others.” Her goal is to continue to train students and show her students that they are “deserving of being published.” She said it gives students joy when they see their names published in the magazine. Dr. Cohen invites the GCC community to submit photos, columns, and story ideas. 

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