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Sheron Page

Sheron Page, Staff Writer

Sheron Page, a transfer student and Detroit native, now resides in Los Angeles. She originally moved here with the goal of joining the entertainment industry as a singer and songwriter, as that has been rewarding for her. She strongly desired more — to not only be an artist, but to expand her knowledge and skills and her gift of writing as a selfless act of generosity and curiosity, toward humanity in all walks of life. Over the summer she decided to go back to school in the fall of 2016 for something far greater than what she would have ever imagined —Journalism.

She has been a writer since she was four years old,composing  poems, songs, plays and short stories. She aspires to transfer winter 2017 to USC to earn her bachelors in Entertainment Journalism and  a minor in Psychology. Another big goal for her is to travel to third world countries and develop stories about different styles of art, religion and music. This year she looks forward to writing and capturing great photos along with sharing tons of journalistic memories that will last a lifetime.

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Sheron Page