Addiction Studies Club Donates to LA Mission, Other Homeless Organizations

The Addictions Study Club educates students about awareness of how certain drugs lead to other destructions, such as DUIs, sexual-behavior, and many other addictions.

This 18-month program leads and guides students into understanding of the fundamentals and aftermath of addictions. Addictions are things or activities that people have a hard time of letting go.   They can hinder your performance at being a better person and have a tendency of erasing your past for a moment.

“My role as a teacher is to help addicts and to provide our services in bringing awareness to addictions, “said Lonnie Jones, president of the Addictions Club.

The program provides multiple courses to teach students educational background and about chemical imbalances, physical and detrimental studies. Anything is dangerous and overwhelming with an addiction. The behavioral courses and psychological courses teach how to cope with family dynamics and chemical dependencies,” Jones said.

The Addictions Study Club is one of many community colleges clubs that offer a wide variety of studies.  Once the program is complete, each student has gained important information on  how to cope with addicts along with what type of protocol to follow.

“Being kind and wanting to help individuals overcome an addiction is not followed by a book per-se it’s particularly a passion that allows you to follow your heart,” Jones said.

“By the the end of the program each student receives a certificate and is able to comprehend the fundamentals of an addict and how to be prepared.”

Benjamin Salazar, professor of alcohol and drug studies, has evolved much in being a part of the community.

“To define an addict is a person who insists on repeating the same habit.,” Salazar said.

His job is to teach students to provide best benefiting programs for addicts that consist of rehabs and counseling. That forces addicts to quit their addictions gracefully.

“Having an addiction is more than a just an attack it is a physical drain on your mental state and health,” Salazar said.

“The Addictions Study Club has been around for several years,” Jones said. “We allow our students to gain hands on experience by allowing them to assist in the communities.”

“For The holidays we go out into the community to serve at  LA missions to feed the homeless,” said Jones. “ We also collaborate with many other rehabs in the surrounding cities for psychological assistance.”   

“We want our students to be prepared and ready to cooperate with the addicts and their lifestyle,” Salazar said.

The Addictions Study club also donates  yearly gift baskets, care packages ,scarves, hats and toiletries throughout the community.

“Our ultimate goal is to give, listen and carry out a substantial amount of energy towards the people who need our services.” said Jones.