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Ksenia Rabinovich
Ksenia Rabinovich, born in Russia, is  a journalist and musician who has versatile interests and skills. Since the young age of six years old she began her musical  study, at the same age she entered the School of J.-I. Custo to learn French.  Ksenia wrote for a few Saint- Petersburg magazines called City Collection, de Luxe, Fifth Wheel and a newspaper called Nevskoe Vremia, She also hosted TV show Mix-News. Currently Ksenia performs in two bands called Tainted Throne   and Thirsty Ocean, her own project for which she writes music.  She continues to write as a freelance journalist and wishes to develop her career as a writer in United States. She has a daughter, with whom she lives in Glendale.

Ksenia Rabinovich, Staff Reporter

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Ksenia Rabinovich