Retired Professor Donates History Archives to Library


Professor Carlos Ugalde, eneritus of Latin American and Latin Studies is answering questions of audience at the presentation of the Archives of the Association of Latin American Students and Latin American and Latino Studies.

Ksenia Rabinovich, Staff Writer

GCC professor emeritus Carlos Ugalde presented Volume I of the Archives of the Association of Latin American Students and Latin American and Latino Studies to the college library on Oct.22.

It is the first of three volumes of a 30-year chronicle of the active political and cultural life of the Association of Latin American Studies and A.L.A.S., which in total will span the years from 1980 to 2013.

Ugalde, who began teaching at GCC in 1980, was the first Latino professor of Latin American history at the college. In 1985, Latinos made up 22 percent of the student population, which is about the same now.

The professor, who retired in 2008, often used his own photos to document his lectures, drawing on on body of work of about 50,000 images.

“We had gathered our memory and make sure that we recorded our modest and most nobles efforts and leave our historical narrative and example for future generations,” said Ugalde.

A.L.A.S., formed in 1981, which unites Latinos and other interested students on campus by organizing, was formed in May of 1981. A.L.A.S. debates, forums and conferences help to find answers on topics of current interest and help students learn political and social life better.

Members have served as tutors in local schools, teaching what it is to be a good student, to be a good Latino student. A.L.A.S. organizes film festivals, musical evenings called Penas, and exhibits.

“We dreamed of that distant – yet – possible morning; waking up to a world without bombs, a world at peace with social justice – where all people of whatever color and creed and preference can walk and respect one another and live together with dignity,” said Ugalde.