Campus Crime Centers on Hit-and-Runs, Smoking Citations

Ksenia Rabinovich, Staff Writer

Crime on campus for this fall semester has been quiet so far. Aside from 10 hit and runs, 12 parking violations, and a few disorderly conducts, there have been many smoking violations on campus.

Smokers on campus enjoyed relaxed rules for tobacco until fall 2010. Specially designated places on campus for smokers have been created however that won’t be the end of it, as many colleges across the country are enforcing cigarette bans.

In July, 774 universities and colleges across the country accepted smoke-free campus policies that prohibit smoking in all outdoor and indoor areas. GCC has tried to balance the interests of smokers and nonsmokers.

Due to the city not wanting to process the campus police’s cigarette citations, the police have been issuing warnings to smokers. However, the GCCPD are looking into ways they can process these citations as they do with parking tickets.