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Vanessa Duffy

Vanessa Duffy, staff reporter

I’m a nerd. I like to read, write, and take long walks on the beach.

My writing inspiration derived from the elementary school teachers that I despised, or so I thought I did at the time. I was instructed to re-write the same essays countless times until I got it right. “Back in my day,” we didn’t type and save documents on a computer for quick revisions. No, this play-time deprived 8-year-old had to re-write entire stories by hand.

The following year I was a writing perfectionist and critiqued my essays in a manner that may be classified as obsessive compulsive.

Over the years the basic stories teachers assigned bored me and I thrived for a challenge. My Pandora’s box of creativity was unleashed ranging from comedic-satire to the emotional “oh my god my puppy was run over.”

Writing is definitely my favorite hobby. I say hobby rather than career because I don’t want the stress of “story in exchange for food” to skew my passion. I have a passion for many things including law, environmental activism, and the ever popular world peace. I consider them the blood-pumping ventricles in my heart and I divide my time and talents to all of them.

I’ll conclude with… One day I will change the world.

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Vanessa Duffy