Radio Station Hosts Halloween Blood Drive

Vanessa Duffy

Give Some Blood. Get Concert Tickets.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center teamed up with KROQ radio for a blood drive last Thursday at the Globe Theater in Universal Studios Hollywood.

A bright red carpet lead the guests to the hall where their blood would be sucked out of them.

KROQ host Ralph Garman did a live broadcast in the morning. Other KROQ hosts Kat, Stryker, Nicole and Sluggo entertained and supported the guests throughout the event.

Dave Keys organized the blood drive for Cedars-Sinai. Known as Dracula Dave, he had blood dripping from his lip along with a pale white face and a brilliant red and black cape.

“Donating blood is the most organic and beautiful thing a human being can do,” said Keys. His passion for helping lives doesn’t just stop at donating blood; he has also donated platelets and granulocytes through a process called apheresis, where blood is filtered to extract needed components.

After signing in to donate, the guests sat in the waiting area where there was a KROQ music booth and a Universal Studios zombie ready to greet them with moans and groans. Snacks, beverages and coupons for Carl’s Jr. were available for those who wanted them.

The blood was drawn on the other side of theater. There were eight hospital seats and two huge projector screens that were playing the horror movie “Saw.” The event was sponsored by SAW 3D.

“I used to think I couldn’t donate blood because I’m diabetic,” said Mark Heisler, a donor at the blood drive.

Another donor at the event, Victor Valdez, is in the army and was inspired to be a more active blood donor after returning from deployment.

Many families came together and took turns watching the kids while others donated.
After blood has been donated, there is a rest area with refreshments and a booth where they can pick up their rewards.

Aaron Granger, KROQ’s promotions assistant, sat at the booth with T-shirts, new CDs, movies, books, Universal Studios tickets, and concert tickets for Brandon Flowers, Stone Temple Pilots, Pennywise and more. The giveaways were sponsored by KROQ and Universal.

“I’m very proud of the brave KROQ fans who donated,” said KROQ host Sluggo, “Even the ones that passed out.”

Cedars-Sinai is the largest non-profit hospital in the West. All blood donations go to the hospital.

“The hospital uses about 60,000 units of blood annually,” said Keys. He encourages everyone to help save lives by donating and is more than willing to work with anyone who wants to organize a blood drive.

“I have gone to major business buildings in L.A. where there are over 1,000 employees and I’ll be lucky if 30 people donate,” said Keys. “It’s disheartening.”

For those who have not donated before, the donor is given a mini physical to check their temperature, pulse and blood pressure. The blood extraction is an eight to ten minute process. Refreshments are then provided during the 15 minute rest
period. Blood can be donated every two months.

Only 38 percent of all Americans are eligible to donate blood and of those only 8 percent do, according to the American Red Cross. That amounts to only about three out of every 100 people. Donating helps save lives.