Glendale Mayor Inspires Women Leaders


Mayor of Glendale Paula   Devine visited the campus  on March 28 as part of the celebration of Women’s History Month.

Devine, a guest for the “Women and Politics” discussion moderated by history professor Michelle Stonis, spoke about how she started in government.

Before Devine was involved in politics, she was a teacher and coach for San Gabriel High School in Alhambra for 32 years. She was the first girl’s athletic director under Title IX. Once she retired, she decided to get involved in her community.

“Doors will open, life will change,” Devine said.

Devine started Commission Project Rescue, which provides the Glendale Police Department with funds for temporary housing for domestic violence victims.

“I hear from the police department that we are saving lives,” Devine said.

She was past chair of the Glendale Commission on the Status of Women for eight years. When she was ready to retire  someone asked her, “Why are you stepping down? Why don’t you step up to policy making?”

There was an interim position on the ballot for  City Council, and Devine decided to go for it.

“I got on the ballot, there were six men and me,” Devine said.

Then she ran again after the eight months passed for a permanent position. There were two seats.

“I am the sixth woman on the Glendale City Council in 117 years,” Devine said.

Devine became mayor of Glendale City in July 2014.

“Whether it is politics, whether it is life, male or female, it doesn’t matter. Don’t be afraid of challenges,” said Devine.

Glendale College held month long events commemorating Women’s History Month. From the leaders of Womens March LA to the Mayor of Glendale, celebrating women was at large.