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‘The Chemist’: ‘Twilight’ Author is Back With Spy Story

Elena Jacobson, Staff Writer

December 9, 2016

While most famous for her Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer has come out with her new book “The Chemist”, a new and captivating novel, full of top secret missions and undercover operations. A far cry from “Twilight,” Me...

Luhrmann’s ‘Great Gatsby’ Lives up to its Title

Ksenia Rabinovich, Staff Writer

May 15, 2013

After a five-year silence, director Baz Luhrmann has finally released his new visually and emotionally astonishing masterpiece with his adaptation of “The Great Gatsby.” Taken word-for-word from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s...

Lend Me Your Ears!

Tony Alfieri

June 5, 2008

With its sleek canister, specially molded nozzle, and patented "reverse spray action," the new Earigate ear cleansing system from Murine looks ready to blast away annoying ear blockages for good. Except Earigate "helps prevent"...

Four From the Discount Rack

Tony Alfieri

June 5, 2008

While crouching over a crate of records in a dusty nook of Poo-Bah Record Shop in Pasadena recently, I realized the clerk behind the heavily stickered counter had swapped the store's soundtrack from bluegrass to Dr. Dre's "The...

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