It Ain’t Swede: Wacky American Laws

Tina Ferestam, Staff Writer

May 4, 2016

It all started when I read a post about Kinder eggs being illegal in the United States and that if you bring one into this country, the fine can be up to $2,500 PER EGG. ‘Bulls***!’ was my first thought, so I looked it up ...

Tokyo Trysts

Yu Sugita, Staff Writer

May 14, 2015

Just over a hundred years ago, men and women in Japan were not allowed to hold hands outside, as it was considered bad manners. Today, couples are seen holding hands while on dates.  However, it is still considered awkward to kiss or hug in public. ...

LA Loners

LA Loners

May 14, 2015

Stockholm Shut-Downs

Rikard Kohler, Entertainment Editor

May 14, 2015

In order to initiate romance with a Swedish person, one must prepare for the tiresome tightrope walk customary of the Northerners, because this will spiral a sane mind into despair. Before going into details however, there is ...

Shying Away From Saying “Genocide”

Agnessa Kasumyan, Editor in Chief

April 29, 2015

When President Barack Obama once again avoided referring to the 1915 killings of Armenians as genocide, I was not surprised. But, after reading the news, I dejectedly walked to the front of campus as I was getting ready to  go ...

Event Confronts Rape Culture

Ally Perkins, Features Editor

April 29, 2015

I lost my virginity in a quiet house on the family couch to a much older, much more experienced boy. As a young and impressionable 15-year-old, I wanted to please him, even if it meant going against my own will. Until this moment, I...

New Perspective: Kardashians Earn Respect

Anahit Kardzhyan, Social Media Editor

April 29, 2015

I was sick of seeing and hearing about every little thing the Kardashians did - until they took a trip to Armenia. Sisters Kim and Khloe, accompanied by Kim’s husband Kanye West and their daughter North, landed in Yerevan on...