Are you controlling the Internet, or is the Internet controlling you?

The internet is always there for us (well, with a stable Wi-Fi connection.) You can say that we are too controlled by the internet, through our phones, computers, tablets or other devices. It’s almost like a job. We feel like we constantly have to check to find out if people are online and instantaneously sharing what they’re doing.

Are we missing the chance to double-tap a photo on Instagram? Retweet a selfie? “Like” someone’s depressing Facebook status? Or abuse the latest snapchat filters?

It’s like opening the refrigerator, but closing it because you didn’t find anything good. A few minutes later you go back and open the fridge in hopes that something has happened. You know nothing could have possibly changed, but you still need to take that extra look.

How many times have you heard someone say that they’re going to quit smoking or start a diet on Monday? The internet is the same way.

Facebook and the gym:

If you’re at the gym, you HAVE TO check in. If you don’t check in or take a picture with the hashtag #Beach2016, will it still count? Will your calories still count? Were you even at the gym?

Instagram and food:

If you’re out at a restaurant or even cooking at home, you don’t let anyone touch the food until you get a good shot of it. Now it’s time for a couple filters and don’t forget the hashtags: #Food #FoodPorn #TagsForLike #Love. Also an app where you look at something on your friend’s Instagram, but end up on their brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s cousin’s dog’s account.

Twitter and feelings:

The only place you get excited when people follow you. This is usually where things get personal and there is no one to stop you from expressing yourself in 140 characters or less (even if you’ve already posted about it on another social network.)

Snapchat and stories:

The app that started out with double-chinned selfies for our closest friends and cute selfies for our crush, now has endless possibilities … literally. Since Snapchat launched its new update with filters and stories, things are getting a little crazy. Users can puke rainbows, transform into different animals and have alien faces. The two most popular filters are the dog and face-swap. And now when you look at your friend’s stories since the  update, you will think that your friend Anna is in school, at a concert, eating chinese food and went to Sweden all in one day.

Chatting is an option too, but that’s #basic. The joy of Snap is that everything you share eventually disappears — which may be why so many people prefer it.

Nowadays, all social media sites can be connected. If someone is eating something really good, you’ll see it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and if you’re lucky enough, there may be a snap or two.

The internet is addicting, there is no denying it, but everything should be done in moderation.