Lecture Highlights Novel Approach to Learning

Tania Chatila
El Vaquero Staff Writer

October 25, 2001

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This year's Distinguished Faculty Award winner Dr. Mark Maier, professor of economics, gave a presentation billed as "Are You Smarter than a Monkey?" Oct. 18 at Krieder Hall in which he combined a theory of stock market investing...


March 29, 2001

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Congratulations to the winner of our first Oscar Contest, Vern Jensen, and to our second place winner, Narineh Ibranossian. Both did an outstanding job of predicting the winners of the 73rd Annual Academy Awards.


March 1, 2001

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Win gift certificates and prizes from: The Student Bookstore Campus cafeteria Great Grille and Kebob Campus computer centers ...and Much More This Contest is open to GCC students only. Deadline to enter Friday, March 23. I...

Lecturer Extolls Black Activist

Eric Adams

February 15, 2001

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"Paul Robeson and His Legacy" is the title of a lecture to be delivered on campus Thursday by Dr. Lamont Yeakey, associate professor of history at Cal State L.A. Robeson was a towering figure in American and black history wh...

The Long Journey from African to African American

Sommere Hawkins

February 15, 2001

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Since the arrival of Africans on American soil, there have been a series of floating labels to describe them. They went from "African," to "Negro," then to "colored," back to "Negro," onward to "Afro-American," landing on "black,"...