Letter From an Appreciative Solider

I thought many of you who have supported me and the troops would like to read an email I received Dec. 2. I know that a smile finds its way to my face for no reason other than knowing that someone far away feels love and supported. I thank all of my supporters. I believe in karma. May good things come to you and yours this holiday season.

– Marie Bartholomew

Dear Ms. Bartholomew,

My name is Carmen S., and you sent me a package through AnySoldier.Com. I
wanted to take time to personally thank you for the gesture and the love you sent in a box. There is an immeasurable joy that fills all soldiers to know that they are in someone’s thoughts and prayers.

This is my second deployment and to tell you the truth leaving home is never easy, while the actual work is something you get used to. Leaving my two children behind is something I will never get used to.

This deployment has been easier only because my babies have gotten older and my job here keeps me busy. I have seven soldiers under my charge, and there are days that it becomes hard to keep them motivated and focused.

Since I have submitted our address to AnySoldier, I have received over 40 packages, which I distribute throughout the unit trying to make sure that everyone receives a package.

I will be traveling to the states on R&R in a week or so, I am thrilled to see my family and can’t wait to hold my babies. I shall be back in Iraq in less then a month with still a long time left in my deployment.

Westley, 11, [Scott Stalnaker’s nephew, both of whom are Bartholomews helpers] is serving his country in a major way at such a young age. There are many ways to serve our country and with his time he is doing much more than he knows. When I was his age, the military service was far from my mind.

To say the truth I think at that age all I was concerned with was playing with my brothers and friends exploring our backyards and walking my dog. I love my job!

There isn’t anything in this world I would rather do. I take pride in knowing that I serve so that others can have the freedom to serve in any way they choose. I volunteer for combat so that my children won’t have to.
I am a naturalized citizen; I was born in Mexico and moved to the states at age 8.

In a way, I feel that I am one of the adopted children of the U.S., people wonder where my patriotism comes from, and I guess I don’t really have an answer. It’s just there.

Thank you for the things you do to make soldiers feel loved, and God bless you.
Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Carmen S.