C&C Internet Cafe is a Delicious Download

Sarah Elkeaikati

With the stress of midterms just passing and the fear of finals coming dangerously close, finding a comfortable place to hit the books is hard to do.

Studying at home poses many distractions, and in the library the slightest shuffling of paper triggers glares and shushing from neighbors.

Fortunately for many GCC students, there is a study haven where they can go 24 hours a day, seven days a week that is filled with internet and game-ready computers, delicious food and spacious tables.

C&C Internet Café opened in 2000 and has since offered its customers a perfect place for gaming, studying, group projects, and more.

The futuristic metallic blue and red ball-shaped chairs catch your attention when you enter, conjuring up visions of the old TV show “The Jetsons.”

Additionally, 58 Internet-connected computers line the café. Users pay $3 an hour or buy 10-hour re-usable membership cards for $30.

Those who prefer to bring their laptops can pay for wireless internet access for the same cost.

Any student who has experienced the agony of
midterms knows that food plays a very important role in studying. At C&C, the wide range of delectable eats would satisfy any palate.

The menu varies from burgers, Mexican food, deli sandwiches, sushi rolls and more. The club sandwich is known to be a customer favorite and the blended mochas would put Starbucks to shame.

Possibly the most appetizing part of the menu is the price. There are more than 120 items that are all under $10, a factor that is very student-friendly.

For those coming to escape the pressures of school, C&C’s provides gaming computers that connect to steaming online games including Diablo and Counter Strike. Players log on and play against others world-wide simultaneously.

The computers also come with headphones and microphones to enable them to communicate with each other.

Businesses and study groups can also rent out the café’s conference room for $30 per hour. The long wooden conference table sits in an air-conditioned room and comfortably seats 11 in deluxe black leather swivel chairs. The room also includes a white board and an optional digital projector that can be rented for an additional $20. Laptops can be connected to the projector to enable power point presentations, videos, and movies.

Students can also make use of this room from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. at a special student rate of $5 per person or $15 per hour, depending on the group size.

Because the café is open 24 hours, it is hardly ever empty. Customers with full schedules can always swing by for food, study time, or games. Additionally, students with jobs or other day time activities find it easier to study there at night because of the aura of other students who have come for the same purpose.

C&C Internet Café is located at 101 N. Brand Blvd. For more information, call 818-548-3400.