The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Jenilee Borek and Michael Dumansky

October 2, 2019

Football is almost considered a religion for many Americans. It’s a sport that is ingrained in our culture, and many American children soak up every ounce they can as they work towards their dream of making it to the divisi...

Vaqueros Lose Another Quarterback, Remain Win-less

Marlon Miranda, staff reporter

October 11, 2011

After losing their two quarterbacks to injuries, the Vaqueros couldn’t muster enough fire power and fell to Pierce College 28-20 on Saturday in Glendale. GCC remains winless, with starter Kevin Hunter suffering a 2-inch laceration...

Football off to Slow Start This Season

Marlon Miranda, staff reporter

September 14, 2011

Defense changes while results stay the same. After getting dismantled by the PCC Lancers 49-28 in their season opener, Los Vaqueros traveled to Costa Mesa on Saturday to face the Golden West College Rustlers. Costly turnovers...