Vaqueros Lose Another Quarterback, Remain Win-less

Marlon Miranda, staff reporter

After losing their two quarterbacks to injuries, the Vaqueros couldn’t muster enough fire power and fell to Pierce College 28-20 on Saturday in Glendale.

GCC remains winless, with starter Kevin Hunter suffering a 2-inch laceration in his kidney against Hancock, and Darren Orsbern suffering an injury during the second quarter against Pierce. The Vaqueros where forced to run the ball.

Head Coach John Rome was happy with the team’s efforts in playing without its starting quarterback.

“Running the ball was our game plan, there was no secret there. We stayed competitive and played great even without a quarterback,” said Hunter.

The Vaqueros only attempted two passes the entire game, completing no passes. With the air attack on neutral, the running game took flight as Joseph Wiggan and Timothy Broughton both ran for more than 100 yards each. The team ran for 321 yards combined.

“We will concentrate on getting healthy and hopefully get all our injured players back after the bye,” said Broughton.

The Vaqueros threw away numerous opportunities to take control of the game. They fumbled the ball three times: twice inside the red-zone. The multiple turnovers turned out to be too much to overcome.

“Our defense kept the game close; no matter how many times the offense had metal lapses the defense kept us in the game. Our offense was one dimensional tonight,” said Wiggan.

Despite their mental lapses on offense, the Vaqueros had a chance to tie the score in the winding minutes of the fourth quarter.

Broughton scored a touchdown; the play was called back on a holding penalty against GCC; and the Vaqueros then fumbled and lost possession.

“We had monumental mistakes that cost us the game. It is difficult not to make mistakes when we constantly have to rotate the roster,” said Rome.

Despite their current 0-6 record, GCC still has a solid chance of a bowl game. They will need to run the table in the last four games to make it a realistic scenario. With three of the last four games being at home, the players believes they can accomplish a four game win streak.

“This team bleeds together, these injuries and tough losses only get us closer together. We will unite and win the last four games of the season,” said Wiggan.

The team’s optimism and “never give up attitude” is all because of Rome. He has inspired everyone with hope and a commitment to improve every week.

“We are doing a great job and improving, our defense has stepped up and provided us with big plays. I have no doubt we can win the next four games,” said Ford.

Hunter remains optimistic about returning this season. He will receive another cat-scan to see how his injuries to his hip and kidney are doing.

The Vaqueros have a bye this coming week. Their next game is against West Los Angeles College on Oct. 22 at Glendale.