Vaqueros Turn Huskies to Mush

Vaqueros Turn Huskies to Mush

Kendall Faulkner, Staff Writer

With a team composed of many returning sophomores, head coach John Rome was feeling optimistic before the season’s first football game.

His optimism was not in vain, as the Vaqueros demolished East Los Angeles College with the overwhelming score of 41-0.

Glendale started with a coin toss loss and two penalties within the first three plays for holding and unsportsmanlike conduct; however, the team soon pulled it together.

The Vaqueros quickly made their way to the end zone but finished with an incomplete pass for their first attempt at a touch down. However, they quickly recovered with a field goal, earning them three points against the East Los Angeles Huskies.

As the weather reached 99 degrees, the scorching led to overheating and cramping among the players, especially for Dante Shipman.

“I wasn’t prepared today, but it isn’t about me, it’s about my team,” said Shipman. “Our offense did pretty well. We just need to get to the ball faster.”

As the quarter continued, running back Richard Ruiz was injured in a play that led to him being escorted off the field in the athletic trainer’s cart.

Shortly after, however, in a surge toward victory, running back Tru Jarvis added six more points to the board and Oscar Reynoso assisted with an extra point, bringing Glendale up by 10 points.

After a few incomplete passes and a 10-yard lead for the Huskies, the Vaqueros successfully retrieved the ball and threw a complete pass to wide receiver William Fennessy for a 71-yard touchdown. Reynoso once again helped add an extra point to the scoreboard, bringing the Vaqueros up to 17-0.

Fennessy earned Glendale a first down, or possession of the ball, which positioned running back Cory Watkins for the team’s first touchdown. GCC took advantage of their position and running back Cory Watkins ran in for the score.  Reynoso added the extra point, putting the Vaqueros in the lead with a score of 24-0.

Glendale intercepted the ball from the Huskies and added seven more points to the board, making the score 31-0 at the half.

“I was impressed defensively, the way we ran the ball and made tackles,” said Rome. “I like our team’s speed.”

With great defense in the third quarter, defensive back Deron Smith had two interceptions. Wide receiver Danavian Clay added six more points to the board and Reynoso ran in an extra point, which put the Vaqs 38 points ahead.

“Our coach always tells us to do our job,” said Smith. “I am humble, but I do want to go out there and show them what I can do.”

With 10 minutes and 45 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Glendale added its last and final three points with a field goal, closing with a score of 41-0.

The Vaquero’s football team is preparing for its first away game of the season on Saturday at Mt. San Jacinto College.

“We just got to go in and take every game as a championship game,” said running back Robert Jones.