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Lucas Yepez
My name is Lucas Yepez. I am majoring in English (creative writing) and am exploring the field of journalism to see if I want to pursue it. After taking Michelle Hofmann’s journalism class, I became determined to write for the paper. Ever since I was a kid, I felt that I had an aptitude for writing. For instance, I managed to get A’s on all my college papers without proofreading.

My ideal career would be one where I could make a lot of money while also liking my job. This is why I am somewhat uncertain about what I want to do.

As a journalist, it is my goal to entertain others through my writing, in the same way I am entertained reading articles from sites like Cracked.com and the NY Times.

Interests of mine include writing lyrics/poetry, guitar, watching movies, science fiction, psychology, and working out. My favorite type of music is alternative, metal, and punk rock. After I get better at guitar, I hope to be in a band.

Living a sheltered life in Glendale has made me want to traverse the world, and I intend to do so. Currently, I have earned an AA in Social Science, and am planning to transfer to a school in the fall. I am a tenacious and driven individual, who will stop at nothing to achieve my goals. Because of this, I tend to be a perfectionist. When I wanted to lose 60 pounds and get straight As, I made sure I would study, exercise, and eat healthy on a regular basis, even though it was painful.


Lucas Yepez, Staff Writer

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Lucas Yepez