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Louise Andersson
My name is Louise Andersson and I am a 20-year-old international student from Sweden. This is my second semester at Glendale Community College and my goal is to receive my certificate in Mass Communications before I return to Sweden in December, where I will complete my Bachelor’s in Journalism. I have always had an easy time expressing myself, whether it is through speaking, writing, or singing. I began studying music in high school and it continues to be my biggest hobby outside of school. When my teachers began commending my writing skills, I took a creative writing class, which helped me realize that I wanted to write for a living. I began volunteering as a writer for a Swedish online publication called Divine Magazine. Due to my interest in health, sports, and wellness, it was not long before I became the editor of the Health section. Being at GCC only confirmed my desire for a career in writing. I interviewed two Swedish celebrities in Los Angeles for a final project in my Journalism 102 class and, although I was nervous for my first interview, I quickly discovered that I loved the reporting process just as much as the writing. I joined El Vaquero to further develop my reporting skills, gain experience, and have a great time doing what I love to do.

Louise Andersson , Staff Writer

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Louise Andersson