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Dragonball Super Ends

Dragonball Super Ends

April 5, 2018

Online Update‘60 Minutes’ Reporter Ed Bradley Dies

November 9, 2006

NEW YORK — Ed Bradley, the award-winning television journalist who broke racial barriers at CBS News and created a distinctive, powerful body of work during his 26 years on "60 Minutes," died Thursday. He was 65. Bradley di...

KGCC Campus Web Radio Rocks On

El Vaquero Arts
and Entertainment E

November 18, 2005

What do KGCC Web radio and approximately 20 million people have in common? Myspace.com. That's right, KGCC has joined the Myspace.com revolution in an effort to raise awareness for the campus web radio station. Myspace enables ...

Students Vie for Minute of MTV Fame

El Vaquero Staff Writer

November 4, 2005

"You don't want none," said Sam Ledford, a 19-year-old business major who shooed away passers-by as they curiously approached the auditioning table for an upcoming MTV show, "Yo Momma." "I really don't think anybody can beat me...

Students Get On-Air Exposure on Local TV Program

El Vaquero Staff Writer

April 22, 2005

Since it first aired six months ago, "World Entertainment Connections," with a staff that includes GCC students, has developed into a distinct entertainment TV show, focuses not only on traditional Hollywood hubbub, but also on...

New T.V. Show Aspires to ‘Connect’ Community

El Vaquero Staff Writer

September 24, 2004

Alocal company, Richmond Media Entertainment is launching a cable TVshow called World Entertainment Connections that will showcase music and entertainment from all around the world. W. E. Connections is going to air a special ed...

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Bites the Dust

AP Entertainment Writer

May 20, 2003

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Apocalypse? Like, that is so 1997. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has thwarted the end of the world so many times since then, it's no longer cool. The comedy-horror series, about a petite young woman wi...

ABC, WB Release Fall TV Lineups

AP Television Writer

May 13, 2003

NEW YORK - ABC will revive its "TGIF" Friday night lineup this fall and hopes to similarly revive its fortunes by airing more comedies than any of its broadcast rivals. The network, a dismal fourth in the ratings for most of...

All-Reality TV Channel Planned for 2004

AP Television Writer

April 28, 2003

LOS ANGELES - The audience appetite for reality television could be tested by a planned cable channel that will offer a diet of all reality, all the time. Reality Central, scheduled to debut in early 2004, is being developed by...

Simpson Has No Plans for Reality Show

AP Wire Service

April 24, 2003

LOS ANGELES - Contrary to widely circulated reports, O.J. Simpson (news) said Thursday he has no plans to star in a reality TV show but might consider becoming a news commentator for actor Robert Blake (news)'s murder trial. "I ha...

CNN Explains News Judgement Choices

AP Wire Service

April 14, 2003

NEW YORK - A top CNN executive kept quiet about some atrocities in Iraq not because the network wanted to protect access but because it worried about putting lives in danger, CNN said Monday. Eason Jordan, CNN's chief news ex...

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