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What do KGCC Web radio and approximately 20 million people have in common?

That’s right, KGCC has joined the revolution in an effort to raise awareness for the campus web radio station.

Myspace enables GCC students, as well as the fellow Myspace community, to listen to radio broadcasts through a link provided on the radio station’s page.

The torch bearer in this effort is Sarah Menold, a 25-year-old radio broadcast major who jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the campus radio station while taking Media 107, the prerequisite course for the “radio station class”,Media 207.

“I didn’t even know we had a radio station on campus until the class began and the instructor mentioned it,” said Menold.
Menold currently hosts a weekly show called “Happy Mondays” which airs Monday nights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Menold describes “Happy Mondays” as a modern/British rock show, even though Menold considers herself to be all over the place when it comes to her show’s music play list.

“I play everything that I deem good and everything that I think people should hear and get into,” said Menold.

Menold’s enthusiasm for the radio station spawns from her love of radio broadcast. She became interested in radio when listening to popular alternative F.M. station, KROQ. On her morning drive to work, while listening to Kevin and Bean, Menold came to a realization that she too wanted to be on the radio and was very well capable of doing so.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” said Menold. “I not only hope to get better at being on the air [through KGCC], but I also want to build a following.”

In addition to playing bands like Depeche Mode, Pulp and of course, Happy Monday’s, Menold also plays music from local artists. Ideally she would like to someday have the opportunity to interview musicians on the air and have them perform live in the studio, opportunity which is now is possible thanks in part to the recent addition of a second studio microphone.

The radio station has suffered its fair share of blows. In year’s past, lack of listeners almost drew an end for the station. But by no means has the Media 207 class and Petros let these blows get in the way from pushing forward.

“We just need to keep rolling with it,” said Petros. “Kick-out the stops and get people to tune in.”

In 2003 the station sponsored a mini concert, attracting approximately 200 students who flocked to Plaza Vaquero for an afternoon of live entertainment.

Petros hopes to have a repeat of this event in the very near future once the radio station has solidified a more permanent entity on campus.

Already, some of the radio station’s shows have been getting a following, thanks in part to word of mouth. Menold as well as the rest of the KGCC staff hope to launch some heavy promotion all throughout Glendale and Los Angeles County at various clubs, coffeehouses and bars.

“We are trying to attract listeners in all of these places,” said Menold. “We, at least I, want KGCC to be known as ‘the’ college radio station in L.A.”

According to Petros, a promotional campaign on campus is also at hand. The radio station will produce a collection of flyers as well as stickers in order to raise the buzz for the station.
“I don’t want to litter the campus, but I do want to get something out,” said Petros.

The radio station has many goals for the upcoming semesters. But for now, one of the main goals for the staff is to keep the momentum going and spread the word about KGCC.

“It [the station] will be even better once the word is out on campus, as this station is for the students, first and foremost,” said Menold.

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