The Best Vintage Clothing Stores on Melrose Avenue

Love thrifting? You can find retro treasures for a bargain from these stores

Vintage apparel is more than just used clothes. Each item has its own uniqueness and history, which brand new clothes often lack. Melrose Avenue is a popular shopping street with many unique clothing stores. They have a variety of stores such as vintage, multi-brand, and luxury. The street is an icon of LA fashion, and it always attracts fashion headers. Here is a list of vintage clothing stores that are a must-see on Melrose. 

World of Vintage T-shirts

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If you are a T-shirt collector, you should go thrifting at World of Vintage T-shirts, because they sell only unique T-shirts. Most of those items are based on characters from The Simpsons, Disney, Snoopy, and Marvel. Also, you can find vintage band shirts such as Guns N’ Roses, sports jerseys or old baseball tank tops. The prices range between $75 and $85, and products are very clean with a decent size selection. The store opens from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. all day and is located at 7701 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. They can be reached at (323) 651-4058.