Power Soccer Teams Return for the 2011 Glendale Invitational

Power Soccer Teams Return for the 2011 Glendale Invitational

Richard Kontas, El Vaquero Staff Photographer

GCC hosted the 2011 Glendale Invitational Tournament on Saturday and Sunday at the Verdugo Gym. Teams came from Santa Barbara, Hollister and two teams from Arizona, to compete against the two Glendale teams. Shown above, top photo, Glendale Rough Rider Benny Aviles no. 13, manuevers the ball against the Hollister Free Wheelers. Rough Rider Kyle Ornelas, left, lower photo, works to get past Free Wheeler Chad Bojorquez no. 22, during Sunday’s playoff game number two.


The tournament winner was the Santa Barbara Rolling Gouchos, followed by the Arizona Heat Elite in second, Hollister in third, the Glendale Rough Riders finished fourth, Arizona Desert Outlaws fifth followed by the Glendale Wild Wheelers in sixth. The tournament is both sanctioned and officiated by the United States Power Soccer Association. For more information on the Glendale teams visit http://www.facebook.com/search and enter “Glendale Power Soccer.”


Since one of the major challenges faced by both the Rough Riders and Wild Wheelers is raising funds to continue competing, all donations are welcome. Donations of any amount

can be made payable to either team or both (specify) and sent to Glendale Community College, Attn: Laura Matsumoto, 1500 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA. 91208.