El Vaquero

Wireless Internet Service Now Found Throughout GCC

El Vaquero News Editor

May 12, 2006

GCC students no longer have to go to coffee shops like Starbucks and get charged by the minute for wireless Internet service. Unknown to many, most buildings on campus are hooked up to a wireless Internet network, allowing students...

Online Registration Increases Matriculation Options

El Vaquero Staff Features Editor

May 12, 2006

Students have had to listen to the overly friendly voice of the STARS registration woman every time they want to register or pay for classes by phone, but now they won't have to because they can register online. GCC has decided to...

Got Your MySpace?

El Vaquero Staff Writer

March 10, 2006

In the hottest online trend among the college set, the number of students registered as attending GCC on MySpace is currently 2,135 and growing. But the popular new services have both pluses and minuses, according to users. "I...

New Database Will Provide Students With Better Service

El Vaquero Staff Writer

April 22, 2005

GCC is implementing a sophisticated database that eliminates time-consuming bureaucratic paperwork for students, faculty and staff. STARS is gradually being replaced by the Oracle system, a universal application that will interconnect...

New E-mail System Approved by Dean of Technology

El Vaquero Staff Writer

October 22, 2004

As a quick, efficient way to communicate better with students, College Services agreed on the importance of enhancing GCC's technology by acquiring a new e-mail system. GCC's College Services is a staff that contributes to th...

ITS Staff Members Promoted to Key Positions

El Vaquero Staff Writer

November 7, 2003

Whether it is MyGCC or campus kiosks, many students benefit from the services that are provided by the technology that helps run GCC. Two of the individuals that do behind-the-scenes work in the Information Technology Services...

Convenience at User’s Fingertips

El Vaquero Staff Writer

October 10, 2003

A prospective GCC student wants to upload his information onto the GCC homepage via the internet. He logs on, types in a few characters and in an instant, all of his information has been entered and dispersed among the appropriate...

Apple Unveils New 64-Bit Power Macintosh

AP Technology Writer

June 23, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO - Reigniting the 20-year debate over the most powerful desktop computer, Apple Computer Inc. on Monday unveiled a next-generation Macintosh with features that up until now have been found only in expensive workstations. The ne...

Oracle Boosts Takeover Bid for PeopleSoft to $6.3 Billion

AP Business Writer

June 20, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Oracle Corp. is putting more money into its pursuit of rival software maker PeopleSoft Inc., boosting its bid to $6.3 billion in a push to overcome PeopleSoft management's opposition to the deal. Meetings wi...

Software Company Buys Online Music Venture, Plans on Bringing Back Napster Name

AP Technology Writer

May 20, 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) - Software maker Roxio said Monday it has acquired the online music service pressplay for about $40 million, setting up the return of the Napster name. Roxio, best known for its CD-burning software, owns th...

Apple Launching New Music Store Service

AP Wire Service

April 28, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO - It's time to buy, mix, and burn, according to Apple Computer Inc. The Silicon Valley company that angered the recording industry with its "Rip. Mix. Burn" ad campaign has won the support of all five major record...

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