El Vaquero


December 1, 2006

The article "Crosses and Roses" in the Nov. 17 issue of El Vaquero mistakenly attributed a statement to Sandra Cuevas. She was not the first to address the gathering. It was Patrick Derajanian who said, "Thousands of American so...


April 28, 2006

In the April 7 article headlined "ASGCC Contemplates Block Scheduling Vote" it was incorrectly reported that "most students will come two days a week." This is a misrep-resentation of block scheduling. Under block scheduling th...


March 24, 2006

In the article, "Peer Tutors Lend a Helping Hand" (March 10) incorrect contact information is listed for the Learning Center. Students who are interested in becoming tutors should contact Andy Stires at ext. 5330. All other qu...


May 7, 2004

El Vaquero would like to make the following corrections to an article in the April 23 issue, "A Taste of Philadelphia Comes To Glendale:" "The establishment is small with only two tables," should say that the restaurant has four ...

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