El Vaquero would like to make the following corrections to an article in the April 23 issue, “A Taste of Philadelphia Comes To Glendale:”

“The establishment is small with only two tables,” should say that the restaurant has four tables inside and patio seating outside.

“The ideal cheesesteak has a lot…melted cheese. None of this is included in what I was served,” should have said that the particular item that was purchased did not have these items because there are 12 different types of cheesesteaks on the menu, which many have the signature toppings, and the one ordered is meant to be plain.

“…personal checks will be accepted upon payment,” is not correct, as a sign in the restaurant says otherwise.

The pictures on the page were not in any way affiliated with The Philly Cheesesteak and Pizza House.

In addition, Agnes Rudnick should have the title of administrative assistant of The Learning Center.

El Vaquero would also like to make the following corrections from the April 23 issue. The article, “College Fighting for its Share of State Budget,” should have the following corrections:

“…getting the full 10 percent of funds that community colleges are entitled to,” should have said that the GCC already gets 10 percent from the Governer’s plan.

The statement, “…the proposition guarantees 90 percent to K-12 institutions and 10 percent to community colleges,” is not correct as according to Steve White, vice-president of instructional services. He said that “0.93 more would mean hundreds of millions more for the community college system. It would be enough [money] at GCC to cover out whole deficit, restore travel, supply budgets, give everyone a 10 percent raise and still restore the reserve!”

“Community colleges have been left short-changed of their 10 percent while K-12 schools have been receiving slightly more than their 90 percent allocation,” should have noted that community college leaders are hoping to “nudge the split up to 10.5 percent or 10.6 percent over the next two years to get closer to our fair share,” White said.
White also wanted to add that AB1875, which gives $80 million for equalization to low revenue districts like GCC, is opposed by Patrick McCallum, legislative advocate for GCC, and he and is “compromise group were disappointed when the GCC Board passed a resolution to support it.”

In addition White noted that “the McCallum so-called compromise legislation reduces dramatically proposed funds for equalization in favor of funding, over-cap growth, which would largely benefit the L.A. District.”