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Concealed Carry Would Revive the Old West

Sal Polcino, Editor in Chief

May 14, 2014

In response to more than 20 deaths in school shootings during this year alone, 19 states have introduced legislation to allow students to carry concealed weapons on college campuses. Along with the NRA and the usual pro-gun enthusiasts,...

Judge Judy Justice

The Daily Vidette
Illinois State University

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) NORMAL, Ill. — Way back on Dec. 13, 2003, United States forces captured former Iraqi President and Gillette Mach 3 Razor Spokesperson Saddam Hussein. Almost three years later and conveniently two days before U....

Online UpdateSaddam Hussein Verdict Editorials, Opinion Pieces

November 7, 2006

Read opinion pieces from college journalists about the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial syndicated from college newspapers around the country. Also, visit our collegiate news editorial pages to read full-length editorials from the various college newspaper...

Hussein’s Death Sentence Will Only Lead to Civil War

Kansas State Collegian
Kansas State University

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) MANHATTAN, Kan. — Spending the past couple of decades amid the accusations that Saddam Hussein was such a brutal dictator, one would think Sunday's death sentence would be no surprise. It all went exactly as we...

Hussein’s Execution Will Not Solve Anything

Daily Collegian
Penn State

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Friday's Daily Nebraskan Opinion page suggested to readers that today I would be expounding on my own personal experience in registering to vote in Nebraska. With Election Day arriving in...

Victory for Iraqis, Not U.S.

The Poly Post
Cal Poly-Pomona

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) POMONA, Calif. — With the recent sentencing of Saddam Hussein, the timing could not have been better for the Republicans with Tuesday's election potentially swinging the political pendulum. With the continued co...

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty

The Daily Iowan
University of Iowa

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) IOWA CITY, Iowa — So Saddam is guilty. And sentenced to death. Man, I am, like, so surprised. I can hardly contain my astonishment. You know how it is when a dictator finally gets his deserved comeuppance. I mean, it's ...

Hussein’s Conviction a Milestone for Iraq

Daily Trojan

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) LOS ANGELES — The trial of Saddam Hussein delivered a verdict this weekend, sentencing the former Iraqi dictator to death for crimes against humanity. Despite his request for a death by firing squad, Saddam Hussein...

Hussein’s Death Will Not Advance U.S. Goals for Iraq

Badger Herald
University of Wisconsin

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) MADISON, Wis. — In response to Saddam Hussein's sentence to death by hanging, President Bush directed a number of encouraging words toward the feeble Iraqi government. He described the event as an essential benchmark...

Remember the 5th of November

Daily Northwestern
Northwestern University

November 7, 2006

(U-WIRE) EVANSTON, Ill. — This past weekend, the fist-waving, Koran-thumping former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging. The decision is sure to provide much fodder for debate, given the contentious...

U.S. Must Avoid Moral Hypocrisy on China

The Easterner Online
Eastern Washington University, Cheney

May 19, 2006

Freedom took another nosedive in China this week, when Yang Tianshui, a Chinese Internet writer, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for writing essays. Yes, I said "writing essays." What could he have possibly written that wo...

Bono: A Man With a Righteous Cause

The Dallas Morning News via The Easterner Online
Eastern Washington U

May 19, 2006

In a world where celebrities are known to embrace humanitarian causes when in need of some image rehab, it is easy to be cynical. Rock stars or movie stars peddling charity for some personal sympathy — who hasn't heard that...

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