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Inspiring Books Make Choice Tanning Partners

Oregon Daily Emerald
University of Oregon, Eugene

April 27, 2006

All over campus, students have begun flooding the grassy knolls and lawns to toss the Frisbee, soak up the sun or attempt finishing some homework before trudging off to class. One of my favorite things to do in the sunshine is...

Writer Re-examines Thurston Shooting

Pulse Reporter
Oregon Daily Emerald
University of Oregon, Eugene

April 21, 2006

While a teacher at Lane Community College, Joseph Lieberman sat at a cafeteria table unaware the next four and a half years would be determined by the girl sitting next to him. Upon seeing a sketchbook belonging to the girl, th...

‘Until I Find You’ Is a Must-read for Irving Fans

The Daily Mississippian
University of Mississippi

February 1, 2006

Tattoos can reveal personalities, but who knew the ink on a person's skin could completely unravel memories, revealing recollections for the distorted fabrications they are? This is the question Jack Burns finds himself wondering in...

Blogger Tucker Max’s Book Shocking, Funny


January 26, 2006

Tucker Max drinks to excess, takes no responsibility for his actions, indulges every whim, rebels against any authority, mocks idiots and posers and sleeps with more women than is safe or reasonable. He does, however, contribute to hu...

Investigative Book Digs Into Cold Murder Cases

Daily Nebraskan Online
University of Nebraska at Lincoln

December 1, 2005

Victorian-era women interested in the gruesome details of murders were not considered ladies. Luckily for Virginia A. McConnell, she was not born into a Victorian home. McConnell is fascinated by unsolved murders and wrote ``A...

Morrison Book Fails to Convince

The Daily Mississippian
Mississippi State University

November 29, 2005

Adriana Rubio's latest non-fiction attempt to pry into the private life of a dead rock star proves only to be confusing, drawn out and unprofessionally written. "Jim Morrison: Ceremony" focuses primarily on The Doors' Jim Mo...

Book Reveals Inner Workings of Ivy League

Daily Pennsylvanian
University of Pennsylvania

November 16, 2005

High school seniors applying to Penn's Class of 2010 have a new tool to give them candid, inside information about all of the Ivy League schools -- a book written largely by students at each of the eight universities. Published in...

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