Blogger Tucker Max’s Book Shocking, Funny


Tucker Max drinks to excess, takes no responsibility for his actions, indulges every whim, rebels against any authority, mocks idiots and posers and sleeps with more women than is safe or reasonable.

He does, however, contribute to humanity in one very important way he shares his adventures with the world through his Web site,, and his new book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.”

When Tucker launched his Web site because of a lost bet, he could not have imagined his popularity would explode into one of the top visited sites on the Internet. He wasn’t sure that his dating application would actually attract even a single girl, never mind hundreds of them from all across the globe.

If readers decide to judge the book by its cover, many will find Maxs life repulsive and puerile while missing the big picture. To ascribe Tucker Max the status of an abhorrent alcohol-dependent asshole with a lack of direction in life would be a superficial and rushed verdict.

Anybody can get extremely drunk and be obnoxious. Not many can write about the experience and have the reader laugh in tears throughout the whole thing. Maxs style combined with his uncanny ability to transform the reader into an observer and you realize why most people fly through this book within a few short days.

His selfish drive, mixed in with tremendous wit, extensive world knowledge and pure animal lust make him quite a fascinating character. Maxs attitude makes for countless hilarious and downright shocking incidents.

The real stories found in this book are filled with irresponsible behavior such as excessive fornicating and reckless alcohol consumption, but the book is about much more than that.

Many fans have reached for a breath of fresh air found within in his stories. For some, this is the only vacation from bland daily routine and monotonous way of life. For others, the book is a dare to stop playing by somebody elses rules and find the confidence to succeed in their own life.

While enjoying his stories, you will notice Tuckers determination to grip the steering wheel of life and choose whichever way he wishes to go. He takes a stand for living his life on his own terms and attempts to pass this attitude to his readers through this highly entertaining book.