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2014-2015 El Vaquero Staff

Agnessa Kasumyan

Managing editor

Writing for her high school newspaper pushed Agnessa toward a career in journalism.  During her junior year of high school, she broke a story regarding a racial profiling case at her school. A year later, her follow-up story... 

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Ekaterina Nikitina


Ekaterina Nikitina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. She moved to the US in 2011. She is earning her degree in Public Relations. She likes photography, dancing and kickboxing. She is a very active person and likes... 

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Alexandra Duncan

Staff Reporter

This is Alex Duncan’s fourth and last semester at El Vaquero. She is very excited to be working with the new staff and looks forward to perfecting her writing craft. She appreciates poetically descriptive writing in journalism... 

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Anahit Kardzhyan

Staff Writer

Anahit Kardzhyan is a Communications major focusing on public relations. She realized that a career involving writing and photography was for her after she enrolled in a publications class during her junior year at Clark Magnet... 

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Rikard Kohler

Staff Writer

Rikard Kohler is an international student from Stockholm, Sweden currently majoring in Journalism at Glendale Community College. This is his second semester at GCC and first semester working for El Vaquero. He graduated from Hersby... 

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Elie Georges

Staff Writer

This is Elie Georges’ first semester at El Vaquero. After changing his major numerous times, he decided on Mass Communications and Journalism. He hopes to thrive in the journalism industry but also holds aspirations for medical... 

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Emiliano Chavez

Staff Writer

Emiliano “Lano” Chavez has been playing the electric guitar for nearly ten years and has even performed live at the House of Blues. Lano has what he calls a “bizarre” obsession with space and the history of space travel.... 

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Aimee Yeghiayan Beck

Staff Writer

Aimee Yeghiayan Beck began writing for Crescenta Valley Weekly five years ago. She has covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from community events to state soccer matches. Planning to major in Public Relations and minor in... 

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Louise Andersson

Staff Writer

My name is Louise Andersson and I am a 20-year-old international student from Sweden. This is my second semester at Glendale Community College and my goal is to receive my certificate in Mass Communications before I return to... 

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Sal Polcino

Staff Reporter

Anthony ‘Sal’ Polcino is a professional jazz guitarist and published songwriter. He recently returned to school to study journalism, creative writing and communications. He has been published in the Glendale News-Press and... 

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Jonathan Williams

Sports editor

My name is Jonathan Williams, I’m 22, I love sports, entertainment and technology. This is my first semester in the newsroom and I am ecstatic to be part of the team. Put me in coach! I love to cook, I was once an aspiring chef... 

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Eric Bourse


Eric Bourse was born and raised in Hollywood, California. This is Bourse's  fifth year as a member of El Vaquero and has served as writer, editor-in-chief, and newsroom manager. He has covered a variety of topics for the paper... 

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Richard Kontas

Production Manager

Production Manager; Former Editor-in-Chief and Action Sports Photographer.  

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Kathy Bakowicz

Staff Photographer

Kathy Bakowicz, an international student from Sweden, is in her second semester at GCC. She is studying all forms of photography and hopes to go pro when she graduates.

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Nikki Nagrone

Staff Writer

Born in Harbor City, Calif., I have spent most of my life in Southern California.  When not cooking in Old Town Pasadena or writing for the El Vaquero, I like to try new food, read, write, or just take it easy and listen... 

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Sherlyn Ann Maguit

Staff Writer

Sherlyn Ann Maguit was born and raised in Los Angeles. She attended high school at John Marshall High in the Los Feliz area. This is her first year on the El Vaquero staff. Sherlyn is majoring in communications with a minor in... 

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Alexandria Diaz

Staff Writer

Alexandria Diaz, 21, was born and raised in Los Angeles. This is her first semester at Glendale Community College and she hopes to return to Cal State Long Beach in the Fall. She is a journalism major and wants to pursue a career... 

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Tamara Hacopian

Staff Writer

     I, Tamara S. Hacopian, am an 18-year-old student completing my second semester at Glendale Community College. My major is undecided as I am still... 

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Julia Orr

Staff Writer

Julia Orr is a public relations professional with over 10 years of experience working in the entertainment industry for Walt Disney Studios and DDA Public Relations.  Currently, she serves as a communications consultant to non-profit... 

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Moises Torres

Staff Writer

My name is Moises Torres, I’m 21 years old and one of my many goals is to write for  El Vaquero. I cultivated an interest in writing for El Vaquero because I wanted to see my name in the paper. I want to do big things. I knew... 

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Lucas Yepez

Staff Writer

My name is Lucas Yepez. I am majoring in English (creative writing) and am exploring the field of journalism to see if I want to pursue it. After taking Michelle Hofmann’s journalism class, I became determined to write for the... 

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Anthony Huizar

Staff Writer

I am 18-years-young. This is my first year at GCC. My major is administration justice, so I can pursue a career in social working. My main goal in life is to publish a book, so stay tuned. When I have free time, I enjoy listening... 

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Fidel Cantu

Staff Writer

Fidel Cantu is a student and graduate of Glendale Community College with an AA in social science and will soon earn an AS in communications. He will be transferring to Cal State Los Angeles where he will be major in journalism... 

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Alin Boughousi

Staff Writer

Alin Boughousi has a passion for both reading and reporting news. Born and raised in Glendale, California, she attended Hoover High School before moving on to Glendale Community College and pursuing her journalism career. She... 

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