2015-2016 El Vaquero Staff

Anahit Kardzhyan

Editor in Chief

Anahit Kardzhyan is working on her degree in print and digital journalism. She realized that a career involving writing and photography was for her after she enrolled in a publications class during her junior year at Clark Magnet... 

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Soraya Mattei

Staff Writer

This is Soraya's first semester with El Vaquero. After going back and forth between history and political science, she decided to major in journalism. She enjoys sports, going to rock shows, and long naps. She loves to knit du... 

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Nancy Villalobos

Staff Writer

Nancy Villalobos is a returning student to GCC working toward a degree in Mass Communications to pursue a career in Public Relations.

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Monica Astacio

Staff Writer

Monica Astacio is a Communications major specializing in Public Relations. Prior to being on the campus newspaper, Monica was a cheerleader and heavily involved in the GCC dance department. During her free time she enjoys taking... 

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Melody Shahsavarani

Staff Writer

Melody Shahsavarani is currently a freshman at Glendale Community College. She has always had a passion for news so she joined journalism during her senior year of high school and pursued it ever since. Melody got the opportuni... 

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Irene Abramian

Staff Writer

Irene Abramian is of Armenian descent, was born and raised in Sweden and has lived in the US for a little over 10 years. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Irene has always had an interest in the interactions of people, ... 

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Evelina Klchyan

Staff Writer

     Evelina Klchyan, 22, was born and raised in Armenia. She and her family moved to the US in 2011. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism, so she joined the El Vaquero as a staff writer and a photographer. She also jo... 

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Sean Jordan

Staff Writer

Sean Jordan grew up in Tahoe, CA spending most of his time either outdoors playing sports or skiing at his home mountain, Alpine Meadows. He was a junior Olympic ski racer, a professional fire dancer, a massage therapist, and now a ... 

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Yu Sugita

Web Editor

Yu Sugita was born and raised in Japan. She moved to the US in 2013. She is earning her degree in mass communications at GCC and wants to transfer to a Japanese university by 2016. She joined El Vaquero in the spring and contr... 

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Shaira Arias

Staff Writer

New York native, Shaira Arias is a broadcast journalism major who currently attends GCC. She plans on transferring to a 4-year university next semester where she will continue pursuing her dream in becoming a news anchor or TV... 

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Danielle Nail

Staff Writer

Danielle Nail is a communications major with an emphasis in journalism. She fell in love with journalism during her freshman year of high school when she was mistakenly put into the wrong elective course. She authored several fr... 

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Anashen Navasartian

Broadcast Director

Anashen Navasartian was born  in Tehran, Iran. She moved to the United Stated in June 2012 and soon after started attending Glendale Community College. At GCC she rediscovered her passion for film and television, which is why... 

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Ekaterina Nikitina


Ekaterina Nikitina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. She moved to the US in 2011. She is earning her degree in Public Relations. She likes photography, dancing and kickboxing. She is a very active person and likes... 

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Elie Georges

News Editor

Elie Georges has returned as News Editor at El Vaquero. After changing his major numerous times, he settled on Journalism at CSUN, with an emphasis in Public Relations. He hopes to thrive in the journalism industry but also... 

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Sal Polcino

Production Manager

Anthony ‘Sal’ Polcino is a professional jazz guitarist and writer published songwriter. He recently returned to school to study journalism, creative writing and communications. He has been published in the Glendale News-Press... 

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Eric Bourse

Newsroom Manager

Eric Bourse was born and raised in Hollywood, California. This is Bourse's  fifth year as a member of El Vaquero and has served as writer, editor-in-chief, and newsroom manager. He has covered a variety of topics for the paper... 

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Aidan Rutten

Staff Reporter

Aidan was heavily influenced by his parents, one a retired criminal defense attorney and the other a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. As he grew older, he had no idea what to do with his life, but several media and video... 

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