2016-2017 Staff

Melody Shahsavarani


Melody Shahsavarani is currently a sophomore at Glendale Community College. She has always had a passion for news so she joined journalism during her senior year of high school and pursued it ever since. She joined the El Vaquer...

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Carolina Diaz

Staff Writer

Carolina Diaz has been attending Glendale Community College since 2015. One of her goals is to transfer to a 4-year university. Her passion is writing and photography. Her passion for writing started when she was in middle school a...

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Alex LaFosta

Staff Writer

Alex LaFosta studied playwriting at University of Alabama at Birmingham,  where he garnered achievements such as the Creative Writing Award and second place in the KC/ACTF Short Play Competition. Since moving to Los Angeles, he...

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Johnny Ruiz

Staff Writer

Johnny Ruiz is new to the journalism scene, he joined El Vaquero spring 2017 in hopes to gain and learn from experiences along the way. He leaned towards journalism as his major and career goal, after discovering the fun in wr...

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Ken Allard

Staff Writer

Ken Allard is a Los Angeles native and is in his fourth year at Glendale Community College. He got into journalism because of his attraction towards reading, writing, debating and consuming all forms of news. In his free time...

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Nareg Atteukenian

Staff Writer

Nareg Atteukenian is a first-year student at Glendale Community College. He graduated from Burbank High school in 2016. He is currently studying journalism and hopes to one day transfer to a four-year university to get his bachelor...

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Nicholas Martinez

Staff Writer

Nicholas Martinez is someone who has always been interested in asking questions and exploring the world. He is passionate about LGBTQ culture, travel, people and food. He is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and is attending Glendale ...

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Nicole House

Staff Writer

Nicole House is an  Indianapolis native, now returning to Glendale for her second semester. She’s  learned that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, thanks Beyoncé. Nicole believes although from a small ...

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Ricardo Nuño

Staff Writer

Ricardo enjoyed writing early on in his high school days and loved sports as well. When given the idea to become a sports writer by his high school teacher he jumped on the idea. Now enrolled at GCC he wants to major in journa...

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Elena Jacobson

Staff Writer

Elena Jacobson is in her first year at Glendale Community College.She has moved around all of Southern California, but loves Glendale the best. She loves to write both fiction and nonfiction, she joined the newspaper to explore...

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Tina Fernestam

Social Media Editor

Tina Fernestam was born and raised in Sweden, but she wanted to get out of her comfort zone so she moved to the United States in 2015. She is majoring in Mass Communication. In her free time she loves taking pictures, watching...

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Diane Roxas

Staff Writer

Diane Roxas was born and raised in the Philippines. She was studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism at the University of Philippines-Diliman before she moved to the United States in 2013 to be with her family. Thi...

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Morgan Stephens

Staff Writer

Morgan Stephens is a second year student at Glendale Community College. She was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. After acting in Los Angeles for many years, she discovered her passion for politics and journalistic s...

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Sheron Page

Staff Writer

Sheron Page, a transfer student and Detroit native, now resides in Los Angeles. She originally moved here with the goal of joining the entertainment industry as a singer and songwriter, as that has been rewarding for her. She...

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Steven Montoya

Staff Writer

Steven Montoya is in his fourth semester at Glendale Community College. He discovered his love of writing in his junior year of high school, after reading a short story called "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." Since then, ...

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Mark Nassim

Staff Writer

Mark Nassim is a returning student at Glendale Community College. He prides himself to have an eclectic and eccentric personality which derives from his ever-changing interests and inspirations. Before fully realizing his pass...

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Ekaterina Nikitina


Ekaterina Nikitina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. She moved to the US in 2011. She is earning her degree in Public Relations. She likes photography, dancing and kickboxing. She is a very active person and likes...

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Sal Polcino

Production Manager

Sal Polcino is a professional jazz guitarist and published songwriter. Since coming to Glendale College he has been published in the Glendale News-Press and the Insider magazine as well as El Vaquero. Polcino has been a copywriter...

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Eric Bourse

Newsroom Manager

Eric Bourse was born and raised in Hollywood, California. This is Bourse's  fifth year as a member of El Vaquero and has served as writer, editor-in-chief, and newsroom manager. He has covered a variety of topics for the paper...

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