GCC: Educational or Recreational?

El Vaquero Editor in Chief

Attending college may be the best thing a person can do. Students have the chance to fill their heads with knowledge, gain cultural experience by talking to peers or traveling, and deciding where they want to go in life. College is the median between a child’s dream of what they want to be when they grow up and the reality of adulthood. All possibilities should be explored. There should be no limit as to what a person can gain from college.

With that being said, some may wonder why there are hordes of students sitting outside of the halls of education during class time. Why these people enroll in the classes, sit in for one or two sessions and then play cards in the plaza, or go to In-N-Out, is beyond me. They should instead be focusing on what really matters — their educational future. Not that hanging out is not important, but obtaining a college degree should be first priority.

It is not that GCC isn’t a great place to be. In fact, it has been the stepping-stone for many successful graduates of prestigious universities. That is exactly the point, it should be used as a spring board, a catalyst for people that want to succeed in life. It should most certainly not be used as the poker headquarters of Glendale.

The vast backgrounds of the faculty at GCC give students a pool of knowlede in which to swim. Those enrolled in classes here should abuse the teacher’s office hours, pick the brains of these faculty that have life experience and book smarts. Students ought to finish up their generals and transfer to bigger and better things, maybe even move out of state.

The U.S. has thousands of universities to choose from, many of which are beyond California’s borders. If the ultimate goal is to transfer to a four-year university, students must be willing to expand their horizons, especially when California is experiencing major overcrowding in the universities, thanks to budget cuts.

Imagine hitting the snooze button in a new city, exploring new concert venues, restaurants and parks in a new state, making new friends and understanding what life is all about, as an independent student. It is not only amazing, but truly a onetime adventure.

Sure, we all get through school at different ages, as some of us work or have families, but the idea of exploring the world is still not beyond a GCC student’s reach.

As a current student, transferring in the fall to New York, I will say goodbye to Glendale for now; but the experience and knowledge gained will forever have a place in my heart.