Eye on GCC

Special to El Vaquero

The monotony of everyday life often prevents us from realizing how uniquely aesthetic our surroundings are. This is especially true for college students, rarely noticing the beautiful spots all over their campuses. Although most people just pass it by on their way to class, this place has vistas and sounds so beautiful and gentile that I can scarcely believe it’s located on a college campus.

The many sites visible from this place make it the best spot on campus. Sitting here, I can see the entire campus. People, swarms of ants, walk about in the distance.

I have a panoramic view of hills in the background. IN these hills are tiny houses, scattered matchboxes, all over the hillsides. In the dry leaves on the ground a small lizard crawls with great speed. At the same time a squirrel, a skilled acrobat, jumps from branch to branch. The entire scene is a beautiful painting.

The gentle mildness of the sounds which I hear here makes me forget I am in a city. The wind rustle through the leaves on the trees.

The chirping of tiny birds, a soft classical symphony is soothing to my ears. As I sit here quietly, the distant resonance of a car engine behind me breaks the silence. Everything here sounds like music to my ears.

Many ascend/descend from this place on a daily basis, yet very few stop to look and listen to everything around them. In fact, every spot on this campus has its own distinct beauty.

Most of us, however, are usually in too big a hurry to stop and smell the roses. Hence, next time you find yourself on campus with at least a minute of free time, take a good look and see what you’ve been missing.