El Vaquero would like to correct the following items that ran in the Oct. 10 issue. We apologize for any misrepresentation and misinformation.

  • ALAS Pays Tribute to Revolutionary Che Guevara should have the following corrections:

    1. The word “guerilla” was correct on first reference, but on second refererence the word “gorilla” had been put in.

    2. The name of the documentary is “When I Think of Che,” not “When Think Che.”

    3. The articles refer to the tribute funeral as a festival. In no way did El Vaquero mean a funeral should be called a festival.

    4. Finally, the article said “People are unable to go to Cuba, so they participate in ‘global exchange,’ which fly students to Mexico first.” This implied that people “sneak” into Cuba and that was not the intention.

  • Vaquero Views which was
    submitted by photographer Rosalyn Reason, should say Reason is working towards an associate of arts. degree in art and photography.

  • Foreign Student Finds What He Needs: A Chance at GCC, a profile on a student Tristan Gao, should have a correction regarding the number of visas that China issues. The number should only be read as an estimate and not an official number.

    To submit corrections to El Vaquero, write to [email protected].