Abortion Ban Protects Life

El Vaquero Staff Writter

First the doctor pulls the living fetus feet-first out of the birth canal, except for the head. The skull of the fetus is then punctured with scissors and a tube is inserted into the back of the head. The brains are then swiftly sucked out causing the head to collapse. The now-dead baby is delivered and disposed of. This brutal, vicious procedure goes on daily in the United States, but not for much longer.

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act has finally passed the House of Representatives and Senate to be signed into law by President Bush. The federal law will effectively put an end to abortions that occur in the seventh, eighth or ninth month of pregnancy.

Hopefully this means the tide is turning against the vile and far-reaching precedent set by the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. This gross breach of power by the influential court deemed that a woman has a “right to privacy” that allows her to abort her child without any government intervention. May this act be the first of many to formally end abortion in all forms in the United States.

The decision has snowballed from restricted, heavily-regulated abortions in the ’70s, to the point now where the majority of partial-birth abortions occur with a healthy child and mother.

Annually, there are an average of 1.5 million abortions performed and 3,000 to 5,000 are partial-birth, according to Planned Parenthood.

Since 1973 over 40 million lives have been snuffed out due to what proponents have so deceivingly dubbed a “woman’s right to choose.” Where was this right spelled out and on what authority is the right founded on?
The U.S. Constitution surely does not define this right. Most abortion supporters consistently contend that the Constitution, through Supreme Court interpretation, guarantees a “right to privacy.”

Rarely do they take into account the Declaration of Independence’s statement that all people have “certain unalienable rights” including a right to “life…”

The entire American tradition is based on the belief that each human being has a right to live.

The fact that daily infanticide occurs is simply a sign of the times. Our society seems quicker to defend the rights of whales than the rights of supremely innocent babies.

We encourage people not take to responsibility for actions they willingly took part in. Got pregnant and did not plan on it? Abort your child.
The fact is that children are not planted in women during the night by some mysterious stork. Pregnancy is not a random occurrence. There is a very specific action that must occur for pregnancy to ensue. Consequences are a part of life.

The federal abortion ban contains amendments allowing abortions for rape and cases where the mother’s life would be in jeopardy if the child was not aborted, as it should.

If the mother’s life is in jeopardy there is no reason that two lives be needlessly lost. In the case of rape, the issue is a bit less black and white. No male can ever understand the powerful emotions felt by a female rape victim, but here is just a thought. Would not giving the child up for adoption be a less difficult experience than adding the trauma of abortion to the pain of being a rape victim?

For mothers who are faced with a non-rape pregnancy they were not planning on, aborting the child should not be an option. The options for unwanted pregnancies are endless. A mom can even leave her child on a government building’s doorstep with no questions asked. Hundreds of thousands of couples across America are just waiting for an opportunity to adopt. Adoption is most certainly a better option than abortion.
Most of the “unwanted” children will grow up in terrible environments, some moving from foster home to foster home and others living with parents who don’t want them.

Some abortion proponents claim that abortion saves children from experiencing this, in essence, saving them from life itself. How can you determine whether a life is worth living? How many people have overcome a difficult childhood to make a powerful mark on our world?

Pro-choice groups, such as Planned Parenthood, often take newly pregnant women that are in a financial strain and try to persuade them to have an abortion, according to a disturbingly large number of female testimonies.

A woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy and the thought of her world turned upside down does not need the pain of an abortion branded on her forever. The predicament young women across this nation face with unexpected pregnancies is profound. The psychological pain associated with an abortion is the last burden that should be laid on the weary shoulders of a new mother.

The feelings after an abortion, now called Post Abortion Syndrome, can leave a woman racked with pain and guilt for years to come.

“You see, abortion doesn’t make your baby ‘just go away'”, said Lisa Musil, 39, who had an abortion at the age of 19. “That baby lives in your heart for the rest of your life.” This was the start of a letter Musil sent into an online column, “Dear Becky.” The column is crowded with stories very similar to her own.

The cycle of pain that un-expectant mothers experience should never end in abortion. There are volunteer groups across the country that will come to the aid of mothers and help ease the often unspeakably brutal period of unexpected pregnancy.

May the stone that has begun to roll with the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act continue to roll until it crushes the procedure that has shattered and destroyed millions of lives.

One of the legislation’s chief proponents, Rep. F. James Sensebrenner, R-WI, said this to his fellow Representatives regarding late-term abortions: “Implicitly approving such a brutal and inhumane procedure by choosing not to prohibit it will further coarsen society to the humanity of not only newborns, but vulnerable and innocent human life.”