College History Spans Century

El Vaquero Staff Writer


1927: GCC, then known as Glendale Junior College, was established; classes held at Glendale High School; 139 students and nine faculty.


1935: Current GCC site purchased.

1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt elected President.

1936: School newspaper’s name changed from Galleon to El Vaquero, its present name.

1936: Sears located in the same structure as today: 315 N. Brand Blvd.

1936: A hamburger cost $.15.

1937: Newly renamed John A. Davitt Administration Building and Camino Real Building opened for classes; current Camino Real Building was also a science building then.

1937: School newspaper poll showed that women were attracted to men because of their personality, while men were attracted to women because of their physical appearance.

1938: Interestingly, parking was always a problem at GCC. The Director in
1938 even suggested making arrangements to use the parking area across the street.

1930s: Slang like “lowdown” commonly used.

1930s: Sexism — the infinitive “he” was used to refer to all persons.


Early 1940s: World War II causes student enrollment to plummet.

1943: Women students outnumbered male students 29 to one.


1957: GCC Auditorium Building constructed.


1960: Verdugo Overpass constructed.

1960s: GCC enrollment numbers recover from war.

1961: 3,036 students enrolled.

1967: One pair of Levi’s jeans cost $7.50.

1967-1968: American Airlines and United Airlines advertise for stewardesses in El Vaquero, now called “flight attendants.” Requirements: women only, single, 5-foot-2-inches to 5-foot-9-inches, 20-years-old, 100-140 pounds. Slogan read: “A unique jet age future may await you!”

1968: Current Superintendent and President Dr. John A. Davitt hired as Dean of Student Personnel Services.

1968: NoDoz advertises a pill that helps people stay awake when they are tired; their slogan: “The scholar’s friend.”

1968: Pledge of Allegiance recited every morning over public address system.


1970s: Baja Study-Abroad trip first organized

1971: Student enrollment stands at 6,096 — double the enrollment in 1961.

1974: GCC had its “streakers” like many other campuses.

1978: Glendale Freeway and Mountain Street open.

1978: Health clinics advertise in El Vaquero for pregnancy tests and abortion services.

1980s – Present

1981: Student enrollment stands at 10,161- almost double the enrollment in 1971.

1986: Dr. John A. Davitt elected Superintendent and President of GCC.
Late 1980s: Child Care Center constructed; San Rafael Building constructed.

1980s – 2000s

New parking lots added; Nursing program brought on-site after San Fernando Complex is built; Administration and Auditorium Buildings remodeled; Allied Health Building built; San Gabriel Building constructed; Library and Student Center remodeled; J. Walter Smith Student Center completed; gyms remodeled, Fitness Center added.
1991: Student enrollment slows, stands at a little more than 12,000.
2003: GCC has nearly 26,000 credit and non-credit students; 742 faculty members and 400 staff; Physics/Biology and Chemistry/Math Buildings remodeled and renamed Camino Real and Arroyo Seco, respectively; Science Center Complex constructed; planetarium unveiled; most classrooms have Internet access; McDonald’s quarter-pounder with cheese combo meal costs $4.39.