Arsonists Target U.S. Bank, Restaurant in Apparent Anti-war Attacks

AP Wire Service

ATHENS, Greece – An American bank and fast-food outlet were damaged in arson attacks Sunday apparently motivated by opposition to the war in Iraq, police said.

Authorities said no one was hurt in either attack. There were no immediate claims of responsibility.

A gasoline bomb was thrown at the entrance of a suburban McDonalds restaurant in Athens before opening hours.

In a separate incident, a Citibank branch near the Greek capital was also damaged by an incendiary device made using small cooking gas cylinders.

The fire damaged the front entrance and an automatic teller machine at the branch in Koropi, a town about 30 kilometers (18.5 miles) east of Athens.

Police have increased security at American businesses around Greece amid widespread public opposition to the U.S.-led attack on Iraq.

On Thursday, another Citibank branch was damaged following an arson attack in Athens.