ASGCC Takes Students Through 75 Years of Fashion

El Vaquero Staff Writer

To commemorate changing fashions since the college started, the Associates Students of GCC hosted a fashion show on Nov. 5 at the J. W. Smith Student Center in honor of the college’s 75th anniversary.

Hosted by Kani Navasartian, vice president of campus activities, the show featured fashions through the decades since the establishment of the college in 1927.

The show opened with a flapper dress from the Roaring ’20s and went on displaying the changing fashions such as shortening hemlines, zuit suits, and tie-dyed clothes through the years.

Nearly every outfit incorporated a significant date at the college to go with the fashion of the time. For example, models wore dresses 1940s like those students would have worn as they walked through the newly constructed auditorium in 1947.

Also, a modeled outfit from the 1980s may have been seen on women entering the new San Rafael building in 1989.

“We couldn’t let 75 years [of GCC] go without the fashions,” said Navasartian. “Through fashion we can see how much this school has evolved.”

The models consisted of mostly AS members, however volunteer teachers and students also joined in to show off the fashions of the years.

“Students don’t get the history of the college all the time,” said Alen Andriassian, student activities coordinator. “I thought it was a great idea and it felt good to do it.”

“We had a lot of fun planning it,” said Navasartian. “So we hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we did.”