ASGCC Introduces Students to Services During ‘Open House’

Tania Chatila
El Vaquero Editor-in-Chief

The J.W. Smith Student Center packed a crowd of students in for food, refreshments, and a formal introduction of campus legislature Sept.19 as ASGCC hosted its second annual Open House.

According to ASGCC President Antonino Patti, the event’s main purpose was to offer students a chance to see what ASGCC and the student center can offer.

ASGCC members gave tours of the student center throughout the event, including a look inside the conference rooms used to house ASGCC meetings.

According to Shant Uhanian, vice president of administration and coordinator of the event, ASGCC’s main goal with Open House was to show students the services available in the student center as well as introducing them to the student government.

“We just wanted to show off the building so they know what’s here,” said Uhanian. “Every semester new legislators come in and it’s good for students to know who they voted for and who represents them.”

ASGCC President Antonino Patti also took this time to inform students of the distribution of funds on campus.
According to Patti, when students register every semester they pay a $10 fee, $5 of which goes to the general college fund and the other $5 of which goes to the students activities fund.

There is currently about $230,000 in the students activities fund, however Patti expects those numbers to grow.

This money goes towards many of the organizations on campus that students utilize.
The funds even help pay for psychologists and doctors available for student use here on campus.

“Everything we do is for the students,” said Patti. “Students don’t know that there are so many services on campus. That’s the reason why we have this Open House.”

ASGCC also held a raffle. Students Jennipha Nielsen and Matthew Haze won $25 gift certificates to the Glendale Galleria.

Tatevik Parsamyan won a DVD player.